BREAKING: The Daily Universe Sides with the ACLU Against Torture!

The situation with the ACLU demanding investigation into torture of enemy combatants provides this generation with a perfect litmus test to see whether we will hold ourselves up to the inspired principles and beliefs of our founding fathers. We have the choice to become participants in the political process and encourage enforcing those laws or of becoming subject to men, turning our backs without taking proper measure to discover who violated the law and who should be prosecuted for it. -- Michael Edwards, The Daily Universe

I was pleased (and shocked) as punch to read this editorial from the BYU Daily Universe's news editor, Michael Edwards: Torture Revisited: Why the ACLU is right about a torture probe [the subtitle is from the print edition, but doesn't show up online]. Basically the DU agrees with the ACLU that the people in the Bush administration who authorized American torture should actually be held accountable for the laws they broke. Right on!

The main reason I'm writing this post is to encourage members of BYU Amnesty to write in and thank Michael Edwards for writing this excellent editorial, especially as I fear the backlash among torture-defenders who may start writing in to the DU. So write the Daily Universe a letter [email] at letters@byu.edu or just respond with a comment to the online version of the editorial. Rock on, Daily Universe!

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