BYU Speaks Out:

A Letter Writing Campaign.
Speak for those who can’t speak for themselves!

Each year thousands of pro-democracy advocates (whether political, student, religious, or other in nature) are continually held without trial in poorly maintained prisons by some of the most abusive and totalitarian regimes around the world.
Such persons are referred to as “prisoners of conscience”.

Every month BYU’s Amnesty International club selects one of these nations (our “Country in Focus”) to which we direct our letter writing. Our writing aims to reach five principal audiences (with varying scope):

1. The prisoner of conscience (to support him/her until their release).
2. The family of the prisoner of conscience (to show them our solidarity).
3. The government of the prisoner of conscience (to demand their release).
4. Our political representatives (to ask that our government pressure theirs).
5. Local media outlets (to raise awareness about the issue via editorials).

How to be a part of the action:

1. Read about the “Country in Focus” where freedom is being denied to its people and become knowledgeable about the facts surrounding the issue.

2. Select one of the target audiences above and Write a quick letter using the materials provided at the booth. Some sample letters are available if you’re unsure of what to write, but be sure to put it in your own words. You might decide to send a piece of art, instead, for the children of the prisoner who are often confined to nearby refugee camps.

3. Insert your letter into the amnesty box for Mail when you’re done (this will be semi-permanently located at our booth in the Wilk). All letters will be mailed in bulk to their target audience at the end of each week.

4. Spread the word!

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austin said...

Sounds awesome. One question: can we put up the info on the website too so people can just email their letters to us and we can print them out and mail them?