Crisis in Congo

I personally don't know too much about the current humanitarian crisis going on in Congo, but I'm learning more and it really saddens me. Just today I saw a collection of pictures from the amazing photoblog "The Big Picture" that puts faces to the numbers. The pictures are beautiful, tragic, and sometimes a bit graphic, but definitely worth viewing.

This video from Condition: Critical (an awesome Doctors Without Borders webpage) tells more about what's going on:

What can you do? Get educated, spread the word, donate to Doctors Without Borders, or investigate the situation yourself and figure out another way to help (and let us all know too!)


Close Gitmo

Sign the ACLU's open letter to President-elect Barack Obama encouraging him to follow through on his promises to close Guantanamo Bay if you care about ending our government's use of torture and disregard for basic human rights. He's stated many times that he wants to, most recently just this week on 60 Minutes, so let's remind him that it is a top priority as he takes over in the White House.


Maryland Considers Abolishing the Death Penalty

I came across some good news today: the Maryland Commission on Capital Punishment has recommended that the state abolish the death penalty. They cite the "real possibility" of executing an innocent person and the huge costs associated with death penalty cases going through the court system. Hopefully they make the right choice!

Read more from the Washington Post or the ACLU blog.